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The Stock Stones

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The Manor of Barrow has no Market Place but in the centre of the village is the Cross Hill on which stands the remains of a Saxon Cross.  On the top stone is a dowel hole in which the original cross fitted.  Unfortunately it is missing perhaps moved during the time of Oliver Cromwell when many sacred treasures were destroyed.
A similar cross was found in the Fens and is now in Ely Cathedral.  Mr H. H. Hallam, a brilliant lay reader and a great Church worker, told me how amazed he was by the similarity between the two monuments.
Legend tells the story of the devoted monk who set off to follow the footsteps of the saintly Bishop Chad and to join him in his Monastery.  On reaching a Saxon settlement he stayed preaching and converting the people and at each place built a cross.  The last one was at Ad Barvae - our village of Barrow.
From the early days, the stones have remained a reminder of our Saxon Heritage and there should be no question of their removal.
Until about 100 years ago the village stocks stood near the base.  The last person to be put in the stocks was a Mr Barrick, a relation of Mr W. Duffill.  He was the owner of the Royal Oak and no doubt had sampled his splendid beer too freely.
Years later when gas lighting was installed, a gas lamp fitting was placed in the hollow where the cross had once been.
Editor’s Note:  my thanks go to Trevor Cherry for this article.

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