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The Market Place

the sights

These are old postcard photographs taken in the first half of the last century.
If you know the exact dates please get in touch so that we can update the website.
There is only one Scheduled Ancient Monument in Barrow, the village cross in the Market Place. The cross is made from limestone with a square, two-course plinth, with a somewhat weathered shaft above. Some documents
refer to this as the stocks and the hollowed-
out seat on one side is possibly where wrongdoers were made to sit as punishment.
Please notice that on top of the stock stones, there was once what looks like an iron cross.  Was this removed during the Second World War as part of the need for metal to make armaments?
And to the photographers - many, many thanks for recording these views so that future generations can appreciate how the village has changed.

For more information on this aspect of the village, please visit the Better Barrow Community Project website.  The link to this website is on our Links/local area.

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