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John Harrison

The Harrisons

John Harrison (23 March 1693 - 24 March 1776) lived in a cottage in Barrow, a picture of which can be seen to the right.
This cottage was demolished in November, 1968 but a plaque has been erected on the house that now stands where his cottage used to be.

This is the Longitude Display that can be found inside Holy Trinity Church in Barrow.

This is the First Sea Clock of 1736. It is the Marine Chronometer that finally solved the long-standing problem for determining the east-west position, or longitude.

You will find the John Harrison statue
in the Market Place in Barrow.
He is holding his H4 watch.

Elizabeth Anne Barrel Harrison, 1693–1726 (m. 1718)
Elizabeth Scott Harrison,
1705–1777 (m. 1726)

He is buried in
St John-at-Hampstead Churchyard, Hampstead, London Borough of Camden, Greater London, England.

The following websites give a lot of information about his life -

The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers

Royal Museums Greenwich

Vera Chapman has come across the following information and wonders if
anyone would be interested.  The site shows that John Harrison was a brilliant mathematician.  It is a 1770’s manuscript written by John Harrison, found in the United States Library of Congress.  There are 108 pages in total but only 7 pages of it are on the site but very interesting. The whole manuscript contains complaints and suggestions about the conduct of his local church services and statements of how pi should be used for musical tuning.  He proposes a new method for calculation of proportional dimensions to be used in the construction of church bells.
The site is:

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