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Goosemans Yard

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Where do you start? The answer is the 10-year Census returns. Initially, it was quite confusing for between the 1851 and 1901
census the location name changed several times. There was Church Side, Church Street, Church Lane, North Side of Church
and “Gooseman's Yard” and finally Thorngarth Lane. With help from my contacts in Yorkshire and locally, the story started to unfold.
The Gooseman family originated in Barnetby (North Lincs) and from the 1851 census they resided at No 1 Goosemans Lane.
Today it is a mere track off the North End of St Barnabas Road in the village.
The family were made up of Robert Gooseman (head), Ann his wife, with William, Bennett, Ann and Eliza their children.
The 1851 census identifies our man who moved to Barrow and that was William, born December 1817 aged 44 years and listed
as a Boarder/Farmer with 41 acres on the North side of the Church. He married Sarah Ann Gibson on 5th December 1861.
In 1864 Sarah received £175 from her father`s will and her sister Emma £75 who went on to marry G. Robinson, a family
name associated with Gooseman's Yard in my younger days.
The 1871 census shows William (farmer) and Sarah residing in Church Lane with G. Peart as his labourer and the 41 acres.
The 1881 census gives the same listing as above but residing in Church Street. The 1891 census uses the same listing but the
location is renamed “Gooseman's Yard” with his wife and 45 acres. William died on 14th March, 1895 aged 78 years and is listed
as a retired farmer after 31 years of marriage.
1901 census shows Gooseman's Yard can be entered via Thorngarth Lane. The photograph shows the current properties in
the Yard no’s 2 and 3 built in the 1700’s. Looking at the census returns in detail there were originally four properties on the site.
Looking on my Manorial Enclosure maps of the village for 1797 they show the Dudding family were allocated the plot No 96.
I am unable to track the ownership from this point as the Manorial records only deal with copyhold sites and not freehold,
which I suspect is the case.
In conclusion, I think the history of the yard name has been uncovered but the ownership down the years still needs further research.
Information collected and correlated by Trevor Cherry, Lord of the Manor, Barrow.

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