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Donna Nook

Some time ago we featured a photo of seals taken at Donna Nook on the East Lincolnshire coast by our local photographer, Bob Smith.
Bob has very kindly given us permission to use his work on some of our covers.
I know Bob would love to start a photography club in Barrow so if you are interested, please contact Bob at:-

Donna Nook
Donna Nook, situated on the north-eastern coast of Lincolnshire, is a salt marsh and is a seal watcher's paradise.
It boasts one of the largest and most accessible breeding colonies of grey seals in the UK.
The name is supposedly derived from a ship called The Donna, part of the Spanish Armada, which sank off the Nook, which is a small headland, in 1588.

Seal sanctuary
In the 1970's only 6 pups were born but this has now risen to nearly 2000 pups born in 2016.
Visitor numbers were 72,000 in that year and were probably exceeded in 2017.
The seals are attracted to Donna Nook because of food, space and safety.
The female seals give birth to one pup and they're suckled for three weeks - the milk is so rich that they will triple their weight during that time.
But as the pups gain weight, the cows are losing it at a rapid rate, 10lb a day - in a bid to feed their young.
These seals are amongst the last to pup in Britain.
Other seal colonies in Wales breed in September whilst those in Scotland breed in October.

November and December are the best times to see the Donna Nook seals.
Grey seals are Britain's biggest land mammal - the males are two metres in length and weigh in at a massive 300 kilograms, roughly the weight of two Sumo wrestlers.
An encounter with a seal at Donna Nook is almost guaranteed because this is effectively a seal maternity hospital.
When autumn turns into winter hundreds of Grey Seals start hauling themselves onto the sand banks on the Lincolnshire coast to give birth to their pups.

Because of the pandemic, entry may be restricted or even stopped.  Please check before you visit.

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