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cost of ads 2022

We have pricing for greyscale and coloured adverts.  The cost of coloured ads is higher due to the extra cost charged to us by the printers.
We can only offer coloured adverts to advertisers who have a yearly subscription with us and who advertise with a full, half or quarter page.
We also accept ads in black and white ranging from a whole page down to 1/8 of a page.
Please ask for our information sheet which contains all you need to know to be able to advertise with us.

To get in touch regarding advertising, please email us at

Please note final dates for inclusion/payment:

    Issue                             date

March 2022                       17th. January 2022
June 2022                         19th. April 2022
September 2022                18th. July 2022
December 2022                 17th. October 2022

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