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This is our competition page taken from the present edition.  It has no material prize, just the satisfaction of knowing your village.

Whilst on your travels walking round our village, we hope you will look for this feature and if you find it, give yourself a pat on the back.
There will be a different picture in the next edition which should be on your doorstep or through your letterbox on or just before September 1st. 2017.
The answer to this competition will also be printed in the next paper edition and on our website.

Our thanks go to Mr. John Thompson who, whilst on his travels around the village, takes these pictures and submits them for publication.

All these views can be seen without going onto private property.

Do you know where this is located in the village?

The photograph featured in the March 2017 edition is of the gable end at The Manor House, High Street.
This type of brickwork, called tumbled-in, can be seen on various properties around our village.
Many thanks also go to the owners of these properties for preserving the features shown.

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