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Issue No: 158        September 2021


The harvest mouse lives in hedgerows, reedbeds, long tussocky grassland, around woodland edges and on farmland. It is so-called because it was most often seen at harvest time when the mice were disturbed. They build a spherical nest of tightly-woven grass high up in the tall stems. It is the only British mammal to have a prehensile tail which can be used like a fifth limb to hold on with. These tiny mice love the smell of pollen and have been known to climb inside flowers to eat the stamens and there they often fall asleep.

Welcome to the community newsletter for Barrow-upon-Humber and Barrow Haven, both villages being just south of the Humber bank in North Lincolnshire.
We hope to inform and amuse the residents in these two villages and now that we have an online presence, we do hope that you will find our website interesting too.

We are now putting together the December 2021 paper edition.

Articles for this edition can be sent up to the closing date
which is 18th. October, 2021.

Autumn 2021
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Please check with all advertisers
that their adverts, services and prices
are up-to-date.

Subscriptions for householders will be collected in August or September.

The December 2021 edition will be delivered to you at the end of November.
Please get in touch if you have not received it by December 1st.

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